Who are these guys? (Part One)

So who is Digital Media Services, anyway? Well, the About Us page on our official Website features traditional bios that will give you a brief introduction to each main staff member. But we’ll take a slightly different approach here. We’ll start with Vince Mann, our senior producer.

Vince Mann, Senior Producer

Vince is one of those guys that just gets it done. His military background gives him a great appreciation for the chain of command and for deligation. That being said, Vince is never hesitant to jump head first into tasks below or above his pay grade. For those PAs running around on set in a panic because they don’t know how to manage a certain task, if all else fails, Vince will know how to do it or will be able to figure it out. Vince quickly builds a great rapport with clients, co-workers, vendors and anyone else who steps into his world. His charisma and likability have proven valuable time and time again. Vince is part MacGyver, part Prince Charming and part Fred Sanford.

When things get complicated, pressure-packed or too critical to botch, Vince is the guy you want on set.

Vince manages a personal Website with project updates at www.VinceMann.com


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