Who are these guys? (Part Two)

Today we introduce Robert Kildoo. For his corporate bio, visit the About Us page on the official Digital Media Services Website.

Robert Kildoo, Multimedia Production Specialist

Rob is one of those guys that can find a role in just about any kind of production. Audio engineer, event photographer, camera assistant, second AD and technology evangelist are just some of the roles Rob’s performed for Digital Media Services. He has a background in classical music and is an authority on fine art printing. Rob’s versatility along with his knowledge of on-set protocol make him an easy choice for inclusion on a production team.

Rob is also our resident Windows guy. Most of us media types prefer Macs but we have to know how to make our products work in a Windows world. Rob keeps us straight when it comes to knowing how Windows users will interface with our videos, photos, Website, emails, etc.

Rob maintains an informative and entertaining blog entitled Chronicles of a Photo Assistant.


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2 Responses to “Who are these guys? (Part Two)”

  1. Brian Satchfield Says:

    Well, folks – the world must be coming to and end! Why? Rob Kildoo just purchased an Apple product!

    Rob recently acquired an Apple iPad for – among other things – use as a client monitor for his photography projects.

    Welcome to the Apple world, Rob!

  2. Robert Says:

    Thanx Brian. I have in fact owned many apple products in my time. In my line of work I need to be versed in many different technologies that include Microsoft, Lennox, android, web os etc. What matters to me is a solid product at a good price and the ipad is a great example of this. I have no allegiance to any companies product the best one at the best price wins. Stay tuned for more in depth ipad insites soon.

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