Who are these guys? (Part Three)

Lance Robson is up next on our blog’s introductory postings. For Lance’s official company bio, visit the Digital Media Services About Us page.

Lance Robson, Sports & Action Photographer

Lance’s business card lists him as the head of our Kinetic Visualization Division, and this fits him pretty well. There are lots of photographers who like to shoot things that are sitting still, like a building, a landscape, a corporate executive in his or her office or a wedding couple. Lance takes the more difficult route. If it moves, Lance tries to capture it. Football, water rafting, baseball, rugby, Jai Ali, dune buggies and even production crews on the move have all been brought to a screetching halt through Lance’s lens. But when the action slows down, Lance transforms into a highly capable production assistant, camera assistant, video assistant and utility man.

And talk about music knowledge; Lance not only reminds you of the old, obscure one-hit-wonders but introduces you to genres you never knew existed. A lifelong skater, Lance recently co-produced a documentary film about Tampa’s infamous Bro Bowl skate park entitled 30 Years of Tampa Concrete.


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