Who are these guys? (Part Four)

Well, folks, let me introduce Sean Deren…

Sean Dere, Lead Photographer

You’ve all heard about those people who seem to have an eye for a great shot. Most of the time, that turns out to be nothing more than a marketing phrase or an ego-driven delusion of grandeur. But Sean is truly the real deal. Sean can take something incredibly ordinary and make it look extraordinary. I’ve seen Sean turn something as visually unappealing as a medical tool into a work of art. Unispiring office buildings can become architectural masterpieces. And give Sean something that’s designed to be admired, like the interior of a modern cruise ship, and Sean can create an image that will have your eyes fixated for much more than a moment.

Sean knows how to get the most from his gear, too. Give him a single light and ask him to shoot an expansive room and he knows just where to put that light to create a more interesting look. Give him 20 lights and he’ll use every single one of them. Sean knows his gear and how to put it to work to create unique images for clients.

Sean’s official bio can be found with the rest of the crew on the About Us page at the official Digital Media Services Website. Sean’s work is also on display at www.seanderen.com and www.seanfoto.com.


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