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Who are these guys? (Part Five)

June 8, 2010

And then there’s me, Brian Satchfield…

Brian Satchfield, President

I would say we’ve saved the best for last but we all know that I’d be fooling no one with that statement. The fact is, I subscribe to the concept of surrounding oneself with those who are better in their area of expertise than you are. This is definitely the case with the Digital Media Services crew. Part of our success is in putting egos aside and recognizing who is best qualified to handle the task at hand. After all, our goal is to produce the best possible product for our clients, not to impress a particular personage with our individual capabilities.

So, what role do I play at Digital Media Services? Well, my function on the set is to direct and DP video projects. However, as a small business owner, my off-set roles may be even grander. Marketing, operations, payroll, administration, purchasing, sales, Website management and custodial services are just a few of my responsibilities. And, believe me, I claim no expertise at any of those roles. Constructive criticism is always appreciated! Above all else, though, the role I take most seriously is in servicing our clients. Digital Media Services may not always be the provider with the most equipment, the fanciest crew shirts or the biggest yellow pages ad but we do try to be the company with the most satisfied clients. And it’s quite simple to do, once you become enlightened about what’s really important.

As a company, our personal preferences and traditions all need to take a back seat to that which will create an effective media product for our client. Every decision needs to be made with our client’s end customer in mind first and our client’s corporate objectives in mind second. Everything else follows somewhere behind. Is their target audience the typical 9-to-5 worker? Then maybe a drive-time radio spot would be more effective than a TV commerical broadcast during the mid-day soaps. Is their company suffering from some bad publicity? Maybe an ad about support for the local community is more appropriate than one for their new, expensive product. Every photo and video project is unique and what worked for one client at one time is rarely appropriate for the current client right now.

When our client has been delivered a media product that effectively communicates to their customer and satisfies their corporate objectives, everybody wins. And, when everybody wins, we win. Our clients end up coming back to us again and again because they know what the end result will be.

So, now that we have our basic introductory comments out of the way, our blog can now focus more on interesting projects, current events and those topics that will hopefully give you not only enjoyable and entertaining reading but also tidbits of information you can use to enhance your conversations with your co-workers, clients and friends.

We look forward to hearing your feedback on how we’re doing!

Who are these guys? (Part Four)

June 7, 2010

Well, folks, let me introduce Sean Deren…

Sean Dere, Lead Photographer

You’ve all heard about those people who seem to have an eye for a great shot. Most of the time, that turns out to be nothing more than a marketing phrase or an ego-driven delusion of grandeur. But Sean is truly the real deal. Sean can take something incredibly ordinary and make it look extraordinary. I’ve seen Sean turn something as visually unappealing as a medical tool into a work of art. Unispiring office buildings can become architectural masterpieces. And give Sean something that’s designed to be admired, like the interior of a modern cruise ship, and Sean can create an image that will have your eyes fixated for much more than a moment.

Sean knows how to get the most from his gear, too. Give him a single light and ask him to shoot an expansive room and he knows just where to put that light to create a more interesting look. Give him 20 lights and he’ll use every single one of them. Sean knows his gear and how to put it to work to create unique images for clients.

Sean’s official bio can be found with the rest of the crew on the About Us page at the official Digital Media Services Website. Sean’s work is also on display at and

Who are these guys? (Part Three)

June 5, 2010

Lance Robson is up next on our blog’s introductory postings. For Lance’s official company bio, visit the Digital Media Services About Us page.

Lance Robson, Sports & Action Photographer

Lance’s business card lists him as the head of our Kinetic Visualization Division, and this fits him pretty well. There are lots of photographers who like to shoot things that are sitting still, like a building, a landscape, a corporate executive in his or her office or a wedding couple. Lance takes the more difficult route. If it moves, Lance tries to capture it. Football, water rafting, baseball, rugby, Jai Ali, dune buggies and even production crews on the move have all been brought to a screetching halt through Lance’s lens. But when the action slows down, Lance transforms into a highly capable production assistant, camera assistant, video assistant and utility man.

And talk about music knowledge; Lance not only reminds you of the old, obscure one-hit-wonders but introduces you to genres you never knew existed. A lifelong skater, Lance recently co-produced a documentary film about Tampa’s infamous Bro Bowl skate park entitled 30 Years of Tampa Concrete.

Who are these guys? (Part Two)

June 4, 2010

Today we introduce Robert Kildoo. For his corporate bio, visit the About Us page on the official Digital Media Services Website.

Robert Kildoo, Multimedia Production Specialist

Rob is one of those guys that can find a role in just about any kind of production. Audio engineer, event photographer, camera assistant, second AD and technology evangelist are just some of the roles Rob’s performed for Digital Media Services. He has a background in classical music and is an authority on fine art printing. Rob’s versatility along with his knowledge of on-set protocol make him an easy choice for inclusion on a production team.

Rob is also our resident Windows guy. Most of us media types prefer Macs but we have to know how to make our products work in a Windows world. Rob keeps us straight when it comes to knowing how Windows users will interface with our videos, photos, Website, emails, etc.

Rob maintains an informative and entertaining blog entitled Chronicles of a Photo Assistant.

Who are these guys? (Part One)

June 3, 2010

So who is Digital Media Services, anyway? Well, the About Us page on our official Website features traditional bios that will give you a brief introduction to each main staff member. But we’ll take a slightly different approach here. We’ll start with Vince Mann, our senior producer.

Vince Mann, Senior Producer

Vince is one of those guys that just gets it done. His military background gives him a great appreciation for the chain of command and for deligation. That being said, Vince is never hesitant to jump head first into tasks below or above his pay grade. For those PAs running around on set in a panic because they don’t know how to manage a certain task, if all else fails, Vince will know how to do it or will be able to figure it out. Vince quickly builds a great rapport with clients, co-workers, vendors and anyone else who steps into his world. His charisma and likability have proven valuable time and time again. Vince is part MacGyver, part Prince Charming and part Fred Sanford.

When things get complicated, pressure-packed or too critical to botch, Vince is the guy you want on set.

Vince manages a personal Website with project updates at

Let the DMS blogging commence!

June 2, 2010

Welcome to the official Digital Media Services blog. Here you will find information pertaining to the disciplines in which our company practices which include professional cinematography, commercial digital photography, audio production services and how they all relate to marketing, advertising and branding. Additionally, as is customary with blogs, you’ll find entries of a more personal nature relating not only to those topics pertaining to our industry, but such matters as professionalism, technology, customer service, humor and doing what’s right (at least from our point of view).

We encourage feedback from our readers as we feel a collection of minds produces far great thoughts and ideas than a singularity. We simply ask that all postings remain on-topic, courteous and professional.

To follow us on a professional level, we offer these additional sites:

Official Website:

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