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Stylized New York City

November 30, 2010

There’s an app for that, right?

As much as it irks me that some people confuse access to technology with professional craft, I admit that the plethora of smart phone apps and ever-improving video and photo hardware has an overall positive impact on the consumer and professional image creation process. Apple’s iMovie ’11 is incredible, palm cameras can now shoot 1080p video and the recent crop of inexpensive image enhancement applications for smart phones can create instant art out of almost any camera phone shot. And with just a smidgen of talent at play, some pretty interesting results can be obtained.

I was recently on assignment in New York City and, being inspired by my architectural photographer Sean Deren’s cross-country imagery collection The South of America, I took some time to capture some iconic New York City scenery with my iPhone. I processed those images with Red Giant Software’s Plastic Bullet iPhone app and posted the results on the Digital Media Services Website.

The overwhelmingly positive feedback I’ve received on those images prompted me to create a new gallery using imagery from Tim Garbutt (of Dreamworks) and Sally Loesch, who accompanied me on the trip.

The results are presented below…

Paths through Central Park

Of an architectural wonderworld

Familiar orange seats

A few of the 9 million faces

Macy's motto...

Stairway to the depths below

City of contrasts

We were there...somewhere

A better view?

Parade namesake

Vintage style

Ferry waiter

Corner coolness

Looks like New York

Escalator of old